PFrom classic to new, we offer most any style of music (classical, jazz, pop, country, etc.) played by soloists, ensembles or bands, and by a wide variety of instruments (strings, piano, horns, guitar, etc.). We can provide pretty much anything you might want.
We will play any music that you desire. For live musicians, they may need sheet music, if available. If written music is not available, we can help with arranging the music for your musicians.
Arranging music is simply converting a piece of music to a format that can be played by a particular instrument or ensemble. An example would be taking a new pop song and writing out the parts to be played by a string quartet. This can be time consuming and so often comes with an additional fee for the arranger’s time.
We frequently provide music outdoors. Our performers (and their instruments) need protection from direct sun, moisture and excessive heat or cold. Temperatures above 100°F or below 55°F can be problematic for musical instruments, so alternate plans should be in place if these conditions could exist.
We custom design our music packages for each individual client, based upon their needs, how many musicians, how much time, location, date, extenuating circumstances, etc.
We always provide a written contract, guaranteeing everything for you in writing.
We normally do a 50% deposit with the balance due two weeks prior to your event.
We will accommodate most any attire requests, but for formal weddings our musicians typically wear tuxedos and formal black.